Saturday, 16 April 2016

Preparing the dots - Ria Andriani

Through the scholarship I was able to pay people to read the notes on the print score whilst I enter it into the Braille note-taker. In this occasion, Luke Iredale and Alistair Nelson have been such a great help. I've also used a typesetter to prepare some of the music which is kept in a special format and converted it to Braille using computer software called the Goodfeel Suite. I was fortunate to be able to emboss most of my music, which made reading much easier.

Every morning during the tour I would spend some time going through the music of the day. The challenges varied, as some of the pieces were more familiar than others. These left a few hours to do a quick sightseeing trip or explored the venue where we were singing which were awe-inspiring enough.

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